About Us


MomCave Team (sans kids and showered for once) at Independent Film & TV Fest

MomCave Team (sans kids and showered for once) at Independent Film & TV Fest

MomCave is an original channel that provides comedic content for moms, by moms. We know that moms only have time to watch TV in few minute increments. We also know that with the proliferation of mommy blogs and Pinterest-fever, moms can often feel that they’re coming up short. Being a mom is hard. We use comedy to deal with the struggles and celebrate the victories.

MomCave began when three moms and a dad noticed a lack of authentic programming for parents. Babies on TV shows sit silently. Moms on YouTube networks look like the stepped out of Real Housewives. And don’t even get us started on Pinterest Moms! We wanted to create shows about something we could really relate to–and that is the difficult and humorous moments of parenting. Because, in our opinion, those moms that seem to have it all together must be lying.


The Moms Behind MomCave at Brooklyn Baby Expo (photo by MarcGoldberg)

Who IS MomCave?

Three moms and a dad, all veterans of the entertainment industry who have created award-winning web series for moms. J. Sibley Law is the Chairman of the International Academy of Web TV and one of the first YouTube partners ever. Stephanie Faith Scott is a webseries pioneer, creating one of the first ever woman-produced web series. Valisa Tate hails from the advertising world, where we has worked as senior art director for agencies like BBDO and Digitas. Jennifer Weedon is the creator of several award-winning web series and is a mommy blogger for sites like ScaryMommy, Lady & the Blog,  and Mamalode. Between the four of us, we have six children (and counting) as well as four spouses, 2 cats, and a turtle.

MomCave LIVE is our weekly live show with fun guest and giveaways. This was our first ever episode. (It’s evolved since then!) But here you can meet the moms!


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